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About Hubbell Landscapes

We strive for perfection, regardless of obstacles.

The Company

Hubbell Landscapes was founded 30 years ago by Woody Hubbell.

Woody took a philosophy of hard work, timely manner, and attention to detail as foundations for his business. As a result, Hubbell Landscapes has had clients all over Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills, and other surrounding areas. Mainly spread through 'word-of-mouth' Woody's reputation for excellence has provided several awards to which he is very proud of.

Hubbell Landscapes offers free estimates, consultations and discussions about your future or current landscape project.


  • Hubbell landscapes handles all jobs, regardless of size or dimension.
  • Free estimates are based on current market rates.
  • All subcontractors used on every project are fully licensed and bonded.
  • Average job completion, from start to finish, runs approx 2 weeks.

For further questions, please call Woody at (916) 541-5915 or use the email form located here.